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Posted by Stacy Ganea on

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I came across these products while walking around the Do Division Street Festival a few weekends ago.  The people working (I'm assuming owners) were so friendly and helpful.  They even offered to give me a sample of their healing balm since I've been having issues with eczema on my face.  I also bought some shower gel and body lotion.
Let me tell you these products ROCK!  Not only are they all organic, but they are infused with minerals to promote healthy skin!  The eczema is gone after just a few days and my skin feels and looks great!  
I just received my new order in the mail and I can't wait to try their shampoo, conditioner, salt scrub, and face wash.  If it works as great as their lotion, bath gel and healing balm, I think I found my newest and most favorite product line!

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